Locate Yourself in the Room

Now, take a look at the space around you and imagine that this is a map, across time and space, of your life. It contains all the phases, all the transitions, all the cycles you’ve been through. Find a place in the room that feels like it marks where you are here and now. Where are you?

Trust your body to go where it wants to go. And maybe when you get there, you can close your eyes or move into a gesture or pose that represents where your life energy is right now. Maybe it’s still and full, or large and dispersed. Notice your energy, and notice the space around you. Allow yourself to settle into this moment: your here and now, your starting point.

The Spell:

Remember, wherever you are right here and now, whether you like it or not, is a potent starting point. Honor this. You’re meant to be here, to be intimate with it all, and your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Understand that in the next several days, you will experience magic and miracles in your life. You will see the signs that move you in the direction you’re meant to go. Trust them. No matter where you are in your life or what you are doing or how you are feeling, just know that the doors are opening.

By this time next week, you will have gone through the transformation you want to experience. You will have received the support you need, perhaps in unexpected ways. The intentions you have put out into the world are on their way to being fulfilled—in the best ways possible, for all who are involved.

The elements are with you. The sun, moon, and stars. Your ancestors. Your cosmic origin. Time and space are conspiring to assist you. Just hold that in your heart, and in your bones. Know it to be true. Your belief is the initiator.

I’m Nirmala Nataraj, a New York–based writer, editor, book midwife, theater artist, and mythmaker.

As someone who has woven in and out of a number of different word realms—nonprofit communications, advertising, theatre, publishing, and community arts, to name a few—I know that liberation is possible through the stories we choose to tell. As a first-generation South Asian American, I myself exist in the liminal spaces between cultures, art forms, and languages—and it is this multiplicity of narratives that informs my personal and professional approach.

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