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Seasonal Courses and Daylong Playshops for Creativity, Contemplation, and Catharsis

Resonate. Regulate. Create.

It's storytime! By that, I mean, it's time to write yourself a new story. Dream a new dream. Author yourself an untold myth, full of the wildness, mystery, and multidimensional high jinks I believe all of us want and deserve.

The Infinite Field is a space in which the combined practice of meditation and freewriting come together to help writers and non-writers alike clarify seemingly vague ideas and comprehend the value of their lives with enormous self-compassion; spaciousness; loving inquiry; and an expansive window of welcome for paradox, beauty, and synchronicity. I designed this sangha (a Sanskrit and Pali term for a community or assemblage of practitioners joined together for a common purpose) as a place to grow seeds of beauty and self-discovery, and then watch them flourish in your life. Here, you’ll be offered the tools to connect with the most majestic and meaningful gifts inside you—your proverbial buried treasure. And, if you think meditation and writing are self-indulgent forms of personal development, think again.

The story that prompted the creation of the Infinite Field begins in a time before time, with a frayed constellation of connections shattering and losing their adherence to the greater whole. These orphaned stars fumble along, serendipitously stumbling into new connections, as well as untold beauty and peril. Ultimately, they each discover that their superpower lives in the recesses of their primal memories—and when they find it, they also tap into the great secret that's hiding in plain sight…

Want to find out what that secret is? Play with me in the Infinite Field and you will!

As hundreds of participants have experienced, the Infinite Field is a magical cauldron in which creativity, mindfulness (or should I say heartfulness?), love, justice, and enchantment coalesce, for the purpose of bringing you all the way back home. Trust that the journey “home” is an important part of the process of waking up to your divine creativity. Because sometimes, in order to find the right plot points, you have to wander and meander a little while.

Mandala Infinite Field


How is the Infinite Field organized?

In my seasonal courses (which take place over four to eight weeks throughout the year) and daylong playshops, you’ll move through a variety of meditations, ranging from potent guided visualizations to reflections that’ll set the wheels of creativity in motion. The majority of our time together will be for meditation instruction and writing—but because writing is a revolutionary act of spell-casting and reality-shifting, we’ll be building a space that encourages vulnerable, transparent connection and the willingness to transform and be transformed through speaking and listening. This space is intentionally intimate and includes plenty of time to settle in, share your voice, and connect with your fellow participants.

What should I bring to a course or playshop?

A pen, a journal, a comfortable area to sit or lie down, and a spirit of gentle curiosity are more than sufficient.

How will I benefit from the Infinite Field?

You’ll feel more self-regulated, connected to yourself, and capable of connecting to others from the most enduring and resilient parts of you: your intrinsic creativity and lucid awareness. We’re living in an era that has made us feel more distraught, distracted, lonely, fragmented, and worried about the state of the world than ever before—and we absolutely need tools that enable us to navigate these complexities with grace. The Infinite Field offers you a chance to jump on the trampoline of pure discovery and caterwauling inventiveness—for, as you enter the terrain of play, you transform in unforeseen ways. And, as you tap into yourself with compassionate discernment and lovingkindness (while bringing along your spelunker's hat for some deep-sea diving into your psyche!), you'll become better equipped at extending a loving hand to all sentient beings who need it. The Infinite Field will help you recognize the magic that's always calling you home, so that you can remember your divine origins and use this knowledge to brew an enchanting cauldron of justice, belonging, acceptance, and possibility, among other essential ingredients.

Who is the space for?

The Infinite Field is a space for curious seekers; a space where you can explore your creativity and other superpowers through a combination of guided visualization and reflection. I created the Infinite Field because I innately get that the act of writing is about so much more than garnering admiration and visibility for our words. I’m a writer and editor, professionally speaking, but there’s a deeper, “witchier” significance to the act of writing, which is literally a process of spell-casting. I am passionate about helping people potentiate their gifts through the generative act of being present with ourselves and writing from that place. By doing away with the toxic lies that keep us buried beneath a heap of distractions and despair, we can begin to reauthor our lives and bravely tell new stories that our entire planet deserves! I'll be the psychopomp that guides you through the multidimensional realms, so that you can collect the pieces you need to weave your own garland of stories (or poems, or essays, or plays, or musings in whatever form or genre you prefer!). As I like to remind people, the universe is made of stories. And the Infinite Field is a space of intentionally choosing and/or weaving your own, if you dare!

But what do the sessions actually look like?

Daylong playshops usually run for about four hours and will vary, based on the topic they’re centered around (previous playshops have centered around such topics and explorations as the Heart Sutra, the many different forms of the Buddhist mother goddess Tara, the connection to the realms beyond the veils around the time of Halloween, and what it looks and feels like to be a courageous truthteller). Seasonal courses typically run for four to eight weeks at a stretch, 1.5 hours at a time, and are also themed around specific topics (past themes have included deep listening, working with the elements, and working with the moon cycles). Each session includes one or two meditations. After each meditation, participants are offered a poem or short piece of writing to contemplate, as well as a writing prompt that allows our inherent creativity to emerge from our in-the-moment experience. Our personal deep dives are complemented by group sharing and Q&A, as our wisdom isn’t meant to be just for ourselves. Given my training as a mindfulness meditation facilitator in the Insight meditation tradition, my focus with respect to the meditations, poetry, prose, and prompts I choose is liberation from suffering and oppression, as well as a deep connection to awe, wonder, and historically marginalized perspectives.

Who are you, and why should I trust you to hold space for me?

I am a writer, meditator, creativity coach, mentor, modern-day mystic, and fairy godmother (my clients’ words, not mine!). I have always loved archetypes, fairy tales, and mythical forms of storytelling, which inform my approach to blending meditation/contemplation with creative discovery. Add to that more than a decade of working as a collaborative writer for a medley of authors, agents, and publishers, as well as my work as a trauma-informed mindfulness meditation facilitator. Naturally, I have a potent combination of skills that are perfect for weaving a magical web of self-regulation and connection to the many muses who flit in and out of the unseen realms to remind us that inspiration is always here!

What if I’m not a meditator or a writer?

Let’s start with meditation. I firmly believe that meditation is for everyone, but I’ll leave that up to you. Although I come from a Buddhist background, my meditations are secular in nature, with a strong grounding in the idea that we are all connected to “source” consciousness. My meditations are typically guided visualizations that prompt a sense of wonder and connection to your essential self—that part of you that the Buddhists call “Buddha nature,” which is an ineffable purity of spirit that transcends words but has at its root a quality of imperturbable peace and goodness. I believe that if all of us felt our own Buddha nature on a daily basis, we’d be connected to a self-replenishing power source that could change our very concept of reality. Now, on to writing. Writing is one way to cast a spell—and, as a word witch, it’s my favorite. But plenty of people who come to the Infinite Field engage in drawing, dancing, making music, daydreaming…Heck, even sharing your musings with your cat is an incredible act of spiritual catharsis! Overall, you need not be a writer to enjoy and be enriched by this process (although I’ve met plenty of people who told me they started or finished their book through their sojourns in the Infinite Field). All that’s required is a deep desire to experience liberation from the churning of the discursive mind, and a willingness to be guided to the small, gentle, still voice within that longs to express its wisdom. I’ve been through a lot of trauma in my life, and I’m interested in using the space to explore this. Is that appropriate? While my meditations are trauma-informed, the Infinite Field is not meant to be a substitute for therapy or professional mental-health services. While my hope is that the Infinite Field will complement any other kind of healing-justice work you might be doing, if you are going through an especially difficult time, I recommend working with a mental-health professional.

Can you share more about the cost of sessions?

Cost is on a sliding scale, for the greatest accessibility to participants. Typically, seasonal courses range from $15 to $30 a session (full payment for a four-week course is $60–120; for an eight-week course, $120–240). Playshops range from $150 to $300. I ask that participants pay at the top end of what they can afford. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, so please use the form at the bottom of the page if you would like to request a scholarship.

If I want to join a seasonal course but can’t participate in all the sessions, is that OK?

Ideally, you’ll be able to make it to all or the majority of sessions, as each builds on the one before it. We’re also creating an alchemical space in which community connection is extremely important. So, while you’re welcome to listen to the recordings, they won’t include group shares and you’ll get the most out of the experience by joining live.

What’s the best way for me to join your courses and playshops?

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to be added to my newsletter, and you’ll be the first to get the scoop on all happenings in the Infinite Field.

Do you have any other offerings?

I offer a monthly closed group for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) womxn (a word that is often used in intersectional feminism as an alternative spelling to be inclusive of trans and nonbinary women) who are interested in building community through their writing and meditation practice. If you’re interested, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We are currently in the midst of a journey through the Major Arcana of the Tarot through the end of 2024, and BIPOC womxn are welcome to join at any time. This space is by donation only. I also offer customized courses and playshops to interested organizations. You can fill out the form at the bottom of the page or the general contact form if you would like to find out more.

Testimonials from participants:

Closed groups for BIPOC womxn are offered on a sliding scale from $50–250. For the half-day retreats, the suggested donation is $25–100. While donations are welcome, they are not required—and I encourage you to give freely or not as your heart wishes. Your presence is a gift!

If you wish to contribute, please send your donations via Venmo: @Nirmala-Nataraj or via following form:

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