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The Weird and Wonderful World of Tarot
What's the first thing that pops into your head when you think of tarot cards? Most likely, you have images of a fortune teller in a dark candle-lit room, offering you insight into what will happen in your future—without giving you much in the way of how they arrived at those conclusions. 
The point of tarot, contrary to what most people think, isn't to give you definitive answers about your life or the decisions you should make for the most optimal results. From my more than 20 years of reading and communicating creatively with and through the cards, I believe that tarot can assist us in asking better questions and relaxing into life's inherent mystery. 
I use tarot as a tool to help you connect with the guiding archetypes in your life. You can view the work that I do as a combination of spiritual counseling, depth psychology, and creative channeling; more than anything, it's a conversation between you, me, and the cards. I'm convinced that all of us can connect to the rich imagery of tarot, from the symbolic and mystical renditions of the vintage Marseille or Rider-Waite, to the more contemporary, binary-smashing context you’ll find in newer decks like Slow Holler and Next World. 
Why do we gravitate toward these images? It’s not necessarily because we understand them consciously, but because they touch us on a deeper primordial level by tapping into the archetypal connections that live inside the collective unconscious—in the watery realm of dreams, art, ancestry, and our sixth sense.
I’m not what you would consider a traditional psychic or intuitive. My work as a creative writer, and as an active lover of mythology and ritual, has enabled me to develop my tarot skills uniquely. I’m committed to using tarot and other forms of storytelling to help clients turn disempowering patterns and challenges into uplifting personal narratives that work to liberate them and deepen their connection to the world at large.
My clients are people from all over the world and various walks of life. You don't need to have a particular belief system to feel the cards speaking directly and powerfully to you, helping you build awareness of that vital spark within so that you can live a life that is bold, purposeful, creative, and aligned with your values. 
The thing that makes tarot so powerful is that it's an open rather than closed system. It operates through metaphor and creative storytelling, not through prescriptive advice or easily defined archetypes (I never refer to a guidebook when I read the cards). Tarot isn't so much interested in what's going to happen tomorrow or the day after next year; it’s more concerned with giving you the insight and perspective you need to take positive steps toward wholeness and growth in the present. 
Tarot weaves a complex narrative in which the solution is inherently hidden in plain sight of the problem itself. It's a remarkable game that the reader (me) and the client (you) can joyously play without ever exhausting its possibilities. It gives form to what's otherwise unknowable—what might only be vaguely sensed without it. Tarot is a tool that's sensitive to our desires, our beliefs, and our highest potential. With the help of the tarot, I can aid you in accessing your own intuition to find clarity—especially when you're at a crossroads in your life. Let's embark on this journey together.

Customized Tarot Readings

A tarot reading with me is a divinatory quest—an act of personal mythmaking like none other you’re likely to encounter. I’ve done hundreds of readings for people over the years, and my approach is different from most. I do my best to explain the symbolic underpinnings of each card, and I often find myself using language that is unique to the person and the situation I’m reading for. I don’t have a rote approach; no reading, even if it’s with identical cards in identical placements, is ever the same from person to person. Each reading emerges as a natural conversation—a call and response that is steeped in poetry and mystery, in alignment with the symbolic storytelling nature of tarot.
Tarot unveils the unconscious and gives us tools for psychic alchemy. It also offers a potent snapshot of your life, as well as prevailing patterns that may have taken hold of your personal story—leading to the illusion of inevitability (which is why so many “fortunetellers” insist that tarot absolutely predicts the future, which I don’t personally believe). My approach is not prescriptive, but descriptive. It is your interpretation of the story being told that counts the most and gives it meaning—which is why you are a crucial part of the process. 
My readings offer you an opportunity to resolve any hidden or overt conflicts that have brought you to an impasse. For it is only when we lovingly integrate our disparate parts that we can come back to a state of wholeness and restoration—and take control of the way our story subsequently unfolds. 
For me, tarot is a beautiful methodology for self-knowledge but also connection to the archetypal and numinous forces of the universe, particularly as they—express themselves through us and our daily lives, questions, quandaries, and loves.

What a Reading Entails

All customized readings are conducted via email. You would send me a question with respect to something that’s happening in your life that you’d like to illuminate in a deeper way. Open-ended questions tend to yield the richest answers; the big life questions are especially welcome (if you’re not sure whether it’s a big life question, ask yourself whether it will be relevant to you a year from now).
I’ll do a five-card reading for you, after which I’ll send you an image of the cards, a 30-minute mp3 that explains the cards and what they mean in their placements, and the most important aspect of this offering: a poem or story that encapsulates the symbols and offers the “medicine” of the reading in an easily digestible form. You can see the written component as being something of a talisman that will help you to channel the most important and empowering messages of the reading. 
Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to schedule your reading with me.
Customized Tarot Readings
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?
You can expect a turnaround time of up to two weeks from payment. 
How much does a reading cost?
Each reading has a flat fee of $177.
Do I need to be familiar with tarot in order to get a reading?
No, I will discuss each card in detail in the recorded explanation.
I’m scared of the response I might receive!
This is a common fear, especially among those of us who have been indoctrinated with unfortunate superstitions about “negative” or “demonic” energies in association with the cards. But please be assured—while some cards may seem scary on the surface, the story that emerges from the cards in relationship with one another is meant to be empowering and to move you in the direction of greater wholeness. I will certainly be honest about what I see, but I also won’t send you a reading that’s purely doom and gloom—such readings often lack nuance and are purposely meant to disempower the client. 
For example, I know I’ve received information from people in the past who shared vague, shadowy details about “family curses” and then proceeded to tell me they were the only ones who could alleviate the trouble. If you’ve ever experienced this, please know that it’s a red flag and you’re probably dealing with a charlatan and energy vampire. If “difficult” cards come up, my focus will always be on giving you tangible, actionable tools to face any potential struggle. It’s also important to remember that some of our greatest breakthroughs come from our willingness to confront our struggles with emotional honesty and an open heart. Thus, it’s your superpowers that will get you through the storm, not mine! The power is always yours. 
I will say that I view the tarot as a primarily spiritual tool, and all spiritual work is connected to transformation. Sometimes, this requires sweeping away all the dross and painful conditioning that we’ve lugged around with us since our birth (and sometimes, even before that). This means that if you’re someone who is allergic to change, you’ll probably be tentative about plunging your feet in these deep waters. All the same, I guarantee that if you do so with curiosity and openness, the gifts will always find you. 
What if I have more than one question?
If you are having difficulty framing a question, you can pose all your questions at once. Before I embark on the reading, I will provide some suggestions for how to frame a question that best encapsulates all your issues. 
What if I need to talk through the best way to frame the question? Can we hop on the phone or Zoom?
I generally discourage this. Some people can get overly caught up in asking the “right” question. As with most of my creative and spiritual work, I suggest that you do your best to relax and quiet your mind and body so that you can bypass the often-anxious discursive mind. We won’t spend a lot of time on the “how” because it can unnecessarily complicate what is meant to be a simple process.
What deck do you use?
I have about a dozen different decks that I use, but my current favorites are the Haindl, Marseille, Modern Witch, and Next World decks. The first two are more traditional, whereas the latter two are beautiful modern interpretations of the tarot cards.
How do you generate a poem or story from a Tarot reading? 
The experience of creating the tarot poem/story (which I refer to as your personal myth) is entirely intuitive and based on my own divinatory writing process, which I have shared in my Infinite Field sessions.
How do you deliver the reading and product?
I will email you an mp3 recording of the reading, as well as a PDF of the poem. 
What should I do with the reading once I get it? 
I encourage you to listen to the recording a few times over the weeks following your reading. Let yourself absorb the messages and journal about any associations you might have. I also recommend printing out the poem/story and reading it several times in the weeks after the reading. Many of my former clients have placed the piece I’ve generated for them in a prominent place so that they can come back to it recurrently and gain strength from its messages.
What if I have remaining questions for you after the reading? 
Please email me with up to five clarification questions, and I will send you an mp3 follow-up. I am happy to provide clarification wherever it is needed, but I ask that you refrain from posing questions such as, “What is going to happen to me?”, or “Will he come back to me?” Such questions are inherently disempowering. I believe that each of us has the power to create our own futures, but that it’s also healthy to let ourselves live into the questions, as one of my favorite poets, Rainer Maria Rilke, encouraged. You may ask questions related to the meanings of the cards, as well as any of your own interpretations. I also encourage you to send me any notes and observations that you’d like to share.
What if I don’t like my reading or it doesn’t resonate?
I ask that you allow the reading to take root in your life. Give it some breathing room and time to decant. Sometimes, initial aversion to a reading might point to an unconscious resistance that we have a choice to examine with greater curiosity and compassion. Other times, it might be best chalked up to incompatible styles (i.e., not everyone will resonate with my offering, and that’s OK). Please note before purchasing that I don’t offer refunds for this service.
Can I purchase this as a gift for someone else? 
Absolutely! It’s the perfect solar return (birthday) gift for a loved one whom you think could benefit.

“The Holy Grail of Integrity”: A Tarot Poem

Here’s an example of a recent poem I wrote for someone I did a tarot reading for who was experiencing massive shifts in her work life:
In order to stay afloat,
you must remember the Lovers:
the original inhabitants of the world 
in a time before cities, or shelter, 
or the wild frenetic hum of war
Remember the rose
the chalice
the sword
the blessed marriage of the feminine and masculine
These gifts may be a cross to bear
or the sturdy mountain goat that conveys you
across dizzying peaks 
without effort
Know this:
What was lost will always be regained 
when you turn your face to the inner sun
and allow your body and spirit to be warmed 
Your misery will be eased as you walk the higher road 
that spirals you back to your own soul,
to a place where it’s easy to breathe 
because there are no walls or limits
because you will always be welcome here
Let the faint firelight of your lantern 
illuminate the way past darkening clouds
You will not be in hibernation forever 
The song you sing is yours alone 
and the world longs for the treasures
that fall from your lips 
Right the cups 
Allow the flowing waters
of your disappointment 
to nourish the garden of the inner sanctum
Let your tears cleanse you:
It’s time to begin anew 
Hang the three swords on the wall 
There is nothing to protect or defend
What doesn’t kill you won’t necessarily make you stronger
but it will make you more supple, more receptive
It will carve out a hole in your heart 
to remind you that you are a worthy vessel for love
Your heart is the Grail, and it asks only seven things of you:
Honor the holy fool that makes your cup run over
Do not let false prophets besmirch your magic 
Resist ironclad advice and certainty that cannot be felt in every toe and finger
Be the healer of your own bleeding wound
Transmute your body into a home for your sacredness
Realize that the castle in the sky is not so far away
Let yourself exceed your expectations
This too will pass
The suspended stones will fall
and the bones of the earth will create a new foundation
You will dedicate yourself to the inverted rainbow of your knowing
even when it makes sense to no one else—
with your ear to the earth, you will finally understand
Here comes the sun 
Unfold yourself like a rose who knows her due 
Absolute, without a shadow of doubt 
You will overturn those cups brimming with false promises
You will keep company with your beloved soul
Like Isis
linked to the cosmos and bound to the earth
you will write new untold myths 
You will reassess
You will put the pieces of your life, your love, back together
You will reconfigure the world into a shape 
befitting of the hallowed secret 
that has always whispered its eternal song within you
Here was the client’s response:
“This is so beautiful!! I want to share with you a little story from yesterday. Your reading encouraged me to stay true to myself and what feels right. I went to my CFO yesterday and told him that I could not sign the non-compete. I was terrified about saying “no" and standing up for myself, but I did it! They said "OK.” That's it. No retaliation. It's wild!”
A few weeks later, she wrote to me again:
“I revisited your reading after two months, and a lot of things make sense now. I have so much more clarity. I feel everything changing in my life, and I’m not at all scared. There are new beginnings and lots of unknowns, but I feel strong and ready for whatever comes.”

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Tarot Readings
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