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If you’re looking to turn a lackluster manuscript into a work of art or simply get a grip on a project that seems to only multiply in size and scope, like an out-of-control hydra, I’m here to help!

I’m a writer and editor with fifteen years of experience in a variety of fields, from performing arts to the publishing industry to K–12 education to women’s magazines. Dependability, a critical eye for details in tandem with an understanding of the bigger picture, and an unflagging devotion to the written word are the north stars that guide me throughout my work.

I’m resourceful, versatile, and full of ideas on how you can make your writing taut, fascinating, intelligible, and accessible to a variety of audiences. Unlike other editors who work at standard rates for their projects, I assess my client’s budget and specific needs, then work with them to negotiate a final fee. My clients have ranged from students to researchers to 1,000+ employee organizations. I can work with anybody and everybody, and accordingly customize my talents to suit your needs.

If you’re more interested in short, snappy, non-context-specific copy,

you’ll probably find yourself more satisfied with a run-of-the-mill copywriter who specializes in producing short-form content.

If you’re specifically attuned to the nuances and importance of storytelling,

there’s a strong possibility that we’ll work well together. I never sacrifice substance on the altar of style, and my interests and talents are most strongly aligned with large, multifaceted projects tying back to a single theme or set of themes.

My most rewarding work centers around crafting a unique story—your story.

This isn’t solely about making sure you’ve eliminated dangling modifiers or sloppy run-on sentences; in fact, it goes well past technical considerations and into the terrain of getting in touch with your distinctive voice—the special message you have to offer the world, gift-wrapped and presented with great care.

You don’t have to be a writer to spin a compelling narrative.

My job is to make sure that you have an outstanding piece of writing that reflects who you are on levels both clear and subtle. Through extensive interviews and a series of collaborative meetings, we can begin to weave the raw fabric of your book and align you with your target audience.

Wherever you are in your manuscript, I will help you determine your greatest strengths, and assist you in mobilizing those qualities to tell your story in a voice that is true to you.

Here are my specialties:

  • Book proposals and book-development projects for first-time and seasoned authors
  • Ghostwriting for creative manuscripts (both fiction and non-fiction)
  • Comprehensive research that synthesizes and ties all the disparate pieces together
  • Catalog writing for art galleries and individual artists
  • Dissertation/academic paper research and editing

My areas of interest are:

  • Art and Design
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Memoir
  • Organizational Development and Strategy
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • Sexuality and Relationships
  • Social Justice & Collective Liberation
  • Spirituality
  • Virtual Reality and Technology
  • Women’s Issues
  • Young Adult Fiction
Writing interest areas

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