Transformational Book Coaching

You know the scenario:

You have the most incredible story of personal transformation. You braved the impossible, pulled yourself up by the bootstraps, and created an extraordinary life unmoored from the typical status-quo restraints. Everything about your personal timeline is screaming for a screenplay. Pretty much everyone and their grandmother has told you that you should write a book, host your own talk show, and pitch like crazy to the Hollywood set and the New York literati. Your desire to change the world has gotten you into trouble before, but it’s also piqued many a person’s attention and offered a solid blueprint for the way things could be.

But when it comes to sitting at your computer and pouring the ideas that are churning in your head onto the page, all you hear are crickets. Writing a book seemed great in theory, but putting words to your brilliant concepts is like watching tumbleweed drifting through a wasteland of inspiration.

If you’ve ever wanted to bring your ideas to life but didn’t quite have the resources or literary chops to take your narrative from your brain to the page, you’ll definitely relate to this.

I believe that we are infinitely resourceful, but writing is hard work. It takes vigilance and attention to the minutest details. It’s something that many people who are busy living fabulous lives don’t always have the time, energy, or capacity for.

That’s where I come in.


Most of my clients are visionary thinkers whose greatest desire is to increase their capacity to impact other people positively. I use my coaching and writing experience to help my clients clarify their fears and blocks around translating their voices into a coherent narrative. I also help people identify the flavor and style of their literary voice, connect to their intuition, and approach book writing in a way that takes the pressure out of it and enables them to hone in, hawk-like, on the essential message they want to convey.

To write a book for and with another person, to tell their story in a way that maintains fidelity to their life experiences and ideas, entails way more than compiling exhaustive volumes of research and interviews. It’s nothing short of a Vulcan mind meld…one that entails empathy, openness, and an instinctive understanding of the narrative that wants to come through.

It’s nothing short of a spiritual transmission.

As a transformational book coach,

I don’t just compile your ideas and shape them in a fashion that’s accessible and grammatically correct—I help you access your innate creativity and enable the seed of your story to grow into a mighty tree.

Most of us have several books in us that don’t ever come to life, for multiple reasons, ranging from lack of discipline to lack of writing experience. I act as a fellow spelunker and midwife, enabling the process of taking your book from its embryonic stages to its crystal-clear realization in the world.

As a Personal Mythmaker,

it’s my life’s mission to help you bring your larger-than-lifeness into the world and to place it front and center. My own personal development work has helped hundreds of individuals access their inner voices so that the birth of their book is less about getting their ideas into final form and more about ensuring that whatever comes through them is faithful to their unique voice and story.

In other words, folks, you can think of me as a channel. It’s my job to help you pluck the spirit of your story from out of the ethers and mold it into realized form.

I don’t employ a cookie-cutter process. Whether I’m working on a spiritual memoir, novel, or book of essays, I consider myself a channel for the larger message that wants to be birthed through you. Together, we’ll work closely, through all the ups and downs of creating a book. I’ll be there every step of the way—as we burn the midnight oil, reach epiphanies that are integral to the creative process, and navigate the many dark nights of the soul and magical moments that are sure to emerge.

Transformational book coaching is soul mirroring.

You will learn just as much about yourself as you will about the book we are writing together.

To go through this process is akin to an initiation of the soul…one that is customized to the demands of the project at hand. Although I provide a tight container in terms of things like deadlines or other logistical aspects of the work, I like to leave as much room as possible for creative discoveries and delightful surprises.


You are not writing the book! The book is writing you!

If you have a specific book or project you are working on and for which you need a book coach, editor, or ghostwriter, please use this Transformational Book Coaching form 》

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