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As a writer and book coach, I live for creating accessible, intelligible ebooks, toolkits, and other content that guides you into accessing your maximum creativity. Check this page regularly for updates and new material available for purchase and download.

Knowing Your Masks: A Playbook for Discovering Your Personal Archetypes

An archetype is an original pattern that constitutes the very makeup of everything we see and experience, from people to objects, concepts to forms. If you look at cards from the Tarot, you can view them as archetypes; the High Priestess resides over intuition and solitude for the sake of finding inner wisdom—and we’ve all been in her shoes at some point in our lives. In contrast, the Empress is all about sensual love, fertility, abundance, and a time to make merry and be with others.

Most people have a medley of archetypes that constitute their overall personality, but essentially, one or a small handful of archetypes tends to dominate our lives. It’s useful to know what our archetypes are, so that we are not unconsciously fumbling through the events of our lives, but are actually taking part in something that might be considered a ritual, a hero’s journey, a sacred act that many before us have stepped into. It’s the difference between living a life from a place of choice, such as accepting a call to adventure and trudging along because we don’t really have any other options.

This book is packed with a series of exercises and meditations that will take you through a process of discovery in which you will:

  • Reinvent yourself and move into new aspects of your identity that help you weather life’s storms
  • Learn how to use play as an effective way of getting in touch with your inner world
  • Learn how to use the various roles you’ve inhabited to your advantage—to experience more empowerment, fun, insight, and a sense of being in touch with what most nourishes you
  • Gain insight into some common archetypes, as well as the behaviors they exhibit—and recognize how these archetypes affect your relationships or keep you deadlocked in behavior that may not be getting you the results you want.

Join me on this exciting epic journey–to the center of your own being, and your highest potential!


Your Inner Essence: Essays for Cultivating the Spark Within

Your Inner Essence is a collection of essays from my work as an intuitive counselor who took clients through the archetypes of the Tarot and into a deeper understanding of their own personal myths.

While the act of giving readings to others and leading them through the joyful process of Personal Mythmaking and Intentional Tarot™ was beyond fulfilling and led me into topics that are close to my heart and soul—the dance between “masculine” and “feminine,” the bane of spiritual codependency, and what it means to live a life of passionate connection to myths and their rich symbolism—the foray also led me into unexpected territory. Namely, a deeper investigation into my own basic essence as a divine human being, as well as what it means to navigate the paradoxes and pitfalls of life in this fleshly container.

This inner essence might wear the window dressing of a 9–5 job, a specific name and identity and family of origin, and a medley of socially constructed fears that keep it straitjacketed and withering in the prison cells of our imagination. But no matter what, and no matter how muted its voice may have become beneath the pressures of the day-to-day, your inner essence is always there…waiting for you to discover it and delight in its bounty.

The journey of this book is inspiration for a life fully lived. May it offer you a vast experience of your Self as a dynamic, bold, and beautiful being that need not be defined by the dogma that pervades our culture. And may you find great peace and wisdom in the truth that lives within you and that has always been there.



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