The 7-Day BodySoul Writing Journey

Take a moment. Grab a cup of tea while you’re at it. Close your eyes and become aware of the world within…

Picture yourself, outside in the middle of a vast field. Sky and earth kiss at the horizon. The first fireflies of summer zig-zag a glowy spiral around your head. The air is soft, slightly damp…It tastes of the earth after the rain, heavy and pregnant with life.

Feel yourself sinking into the ground, flapping your arms out to make your version of an angel in the grass. Feel the grass part and flatten against the weight of your flesh.

You gaze up into the darkening sky…squint your eyes to make out the twinkling galaxies that crest out from the firmament.

 Here, on your bed of mud and earthworms, you are undoubtedly a creature of the seasons…those of the vast and temperamental Earth, and those of the unnumbered star systems that flow out into infinity.

You yourself are the glowing bridge between “here” and “there,” between infinity and the ever-fleeting moments that we bottle like fireflies in a jar. 

Feel your chest rise up and down with each inhale…each exhale.

In this place, you are LifeDeath. CreationVoid. VisionBecoming. BodySoul.

So, what does any of this have to do with you?

There is an order that stirs deep within our bones, and each of us innately knows it. And still, there are days when we all feel assailed by the random cruelties of life. A wallet stolen. A house foreclosed. A job lost. A heart broken. A loved one gone. A planet seemingly at odds with itself.

Another star in the sky snuffed out.

The minor annoyances and major devastations are enough to make you want to plug your ears with your fingers and scream at the top of your lungs. As if that were enough to make it all stop spinning…

But it isn’t. You can’t make it stop. Not the world, not this great freewheeling galaxy of which we are a part, and not the 7*1027 atoms that comprise your body and long to be used to their fullest creative capacity.

For, even in the midst of the emotional tsunamis and life-shattering cataclysm, such are the miracles we can count on.

The cosmos continues. So does life. And, as small and insignificant as we might sometimes feel, so do we.

The truth is, you are not simply a passive bystander or woebegone victim in this great spectacle. Your fate is writ large by the stars and the soil.

Humans and our galaxy share approximately 97 percent of our atoms in common. And the elements encoded in our DNA are the same ones that populate the nearest, the farthest, the brightest, the inkiest-black corners of our cosmos.

We contain the self-same paradoxes as the universe, as well. The cosmos lives in our hearts, between our legs, and in the strange dark matter that surrounds our flesh and launches us into the realm of the numinous: of dreams and miracles, gods and monsters, intuition and premonition, and the realms beyond death.

Remember who you are. You are not simply a walking, talking automaton of nerves and tissue. You are the bridge between Earth and Heaven. You are the mystery incarnate.

You are BodySoul.

The 7-Day BodySoul Writing Journey


If you’ve ever longed for a practice of deep connection (inner/outer/inter/intra) to something too vast and vital to be named, welcome home.

Seeker, the finding is close at hand.

The 7-Day BodySoul Writing Journey is a poetic sojourn into your Quantum Self: that throbbing plasma of stardust and matter, laced with vibrating quantities of light and sound. When you return to your own essence, that place in which dream and awakeness, matter and cosmic mystery, all dance together…you will experience what it means to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

You will see that we don’t live in a universe of easy polarities but of integrated intelligence.

From this place, you are BodySoul.

The 7-Day BodySoul Writing Journey will bring you into a deeply connected practice of writing as both soul excavation and gateway. In this place of potent creativity, we will clasp hands with contemplation and action, speech and the ineffable, metaphor and the wealth of our sensory experiences.

If you’ve ever longed for an expression that is larger than life itself, and certainly more expansive than the old stories around which you’ve orbited, this is an opportunity to allow your words to be a portal to the mystery within and without.

From this place, you will enter the realm of deep truth: not purely that which is distilled from your individual perception but also that which connects to soil, water, air, fire, lineage, our non-human relations, and the many processes and becomings of the earth and cosmos.

What you’ll get:

  • 7 daily email gateways through which you will enter the Deep Mystery of You—in the form of recorded audio expeditions, writing prompts, and specific activities that will allow you to integrate your creative journey

  • Ongoing daily writing prompts and other forms of support, well after your 7-day journey is over

  • The opportunity to return to this vital journey over and over, so that it becomes a part of your creative practice of self-inquiry, self-discovery, and dancing with the divine mundane

What you’ll integrate:

  • Connection with your essential aliveness, as well as the aliveness of everything around you: flora, fauna, clouds, stones, and distant star systems


  • Inspiration that comes from who you already naturally are
  • A vital reintegration of the sacred into the web of your daily activities
  • The delicious sense of being able to savor your full Quantum Self in any given moment
  • A new perceptual lens through which science and spirituality, body and soul, are no longer separate but one and the same

This is for you if…

  • You are seeking a foundational shift in the fabric of who you are.

  • You intuitively trust in the integration of spirit/matter, body/soul, inner space/outer space…but don’t know how to incorporate that into your own fragmented life.

  • You’re a seasoned writer or artist thirsty for an embodied, ensouled experience of your creativity.

  • You wish you were creative but consider your well of inspiration drier than the Sahara Desert.

  • You’re ready to reclaim a connection to the sacred that has felt frustratingly elusive.

  • You’re done with yet another writing class…you want to sink in, savor, ruminate, and claim what is yours..

Come back to your wholeness. Come back to your BodySoul.

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