Meditate, Write, & Refuel

A Weekly Session for Creativity, Contemplation, and Catharsis*

Mondays, 9:30 a.m. EST
The combined practice of meditation and freewriting is a powerful spiritual tool that can help writers and non-writers alike clarify seemingly vague ideas and comprehend the value of their lives with enormous self-compassion; spaciousness; loving inquiry; and an expansive window of welcome for paradox, beauty, and synchronicity.
In this hour-long session, move through two meditations (one short, and one longer), ranging from potent guided visualizations to silent reflections that will set the wheels of creativity in motion.
After each meditation, participants will be offered a writing prompt that allows our inherent creativity to emerge from our in-the-moment experience.
The majority of our time together will be for meditation instruction and writing, but the final minutes will offer room for sharing our experience and writing.
What to bring: A pen, a journal, a comfortable area to sit or lie down, and a spirit of gentle curiosity.

Please note that I will also be offering BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color)-only sessions periodically. To be added to the participant list for this weekly session and/or to find out about the BIPOC meetings, please fill out the following form:

*I decided to offer this weekly gathering to offer extra support to radical seekers of beauty, love, justice and creativity in light of our current pandemic and uprisings around racial inequity. To that end, this is by donation only. While donations are welcome, they are not required—and I encourage you to give freely or not as your heart wishes. Your presence is a gift!

If you wish to contribute, please send your donations via
Venmo: @Nirmala-Nataraj


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