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book-746138_640Welcome to my online boutique! Here, you’ll find ebooks, toolkits, and other goodies that’ll ensure your creative well never runs dry.

Knowing Your Masks: A Playbook for Discovering Your Personal Archetypes: $5

What is an archetype? Why are archetypes important? Archetypes are representations of elemental patterns and motifs in our behavior and experiences, and they are capable of elevating us to great heights or taking us to our most perilous depths. This fun and informative book walks you through the varied landscape that contains your internal gods, monsters, angels, demons, and other mythic, larger-than-life characters—all of which occupy a very real place within humanity’s collective unconscious. This book guides you through the values, meanings, and traits inherent in the dominant archetypes of your life, and teaches you how to use your personal “masks” to liberate your soul from the confines of a fixed personality. Through a medley of games and exercises, you will gain deeper insight into your behavior and motives, and discover how archetypes organize and add meaning to your experiences. In doing so, you will tap into a greater sense of freedom, play, and connection to the sacred in your own life.

The 69-Day Desire Experiment (coming soon)

Your Inner Essence: Essays on Cultivating the Spark Within (coming soon)



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